What people say about Stephanie Grace

Kayleigh Romano

Stephanie is a really kind and nice person. I've been to most of her concert and I'm trying to go to every concert this year. I listen to her music everyday and it calms me down. She cares about all of her fans and becomes friends with most of them. Stephanie loves her fans. Whenever she sings her song Rumors she gives me a shout out because she knows I love that song. Stephanie is also really funny especially if you get to know her well.

Richard Ireland

Every so often you will meet a person who has a great impact on how you look at life. Stephanie Grace is one of these people. When I first met her she was a little girl singing with a karaoke machine. Through the years she has grown and matured into an amazing young lady. She is not only a very talented singer and songwriter but also someone who is visits local schools and does other events to speak to young people about issues like bullying and other problems that are faced by today's youth. If you have ever attended any of her shows or events she always has the time to personally speak to you and thank you for coming out. I am proud to call her a friend.

Ruth Hill

I would invite everyone to visit all of Stephanie's links below and consider following her on social media and perchance even purchasing some of her music, if so inclined. While I have never met Stephanie in person, I have a sense that she is a positive young woman who is making a difference in her corner of the world, and one of these days, I hope to hear of her performing at the Grand Ole Opry as well as to the far reaches of the world!

Bob Rudisil, Teacher, South Eastern Middle School, South Eastern School District

We Had Stephanie Grace come do an assembly for Red Ribbon Week in October of 2014. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious for our students. Using the mobile microphone was a great idea as she literally walked amongst our students as she sang and connected with them. She was the best choice I have ever made for an assembly. Our students really responded to her and they left the assembly feeling good about themselves and feeling good about their day in school. I will always root for her success in her career and in life because she left such a positive impression on our school and on me.

Tom Kelly

Stephanie Grace's music is a blend of how to handle life's hard lessons and still have a positive outlook. The powerful words and vocals that come out of her tiny frame make you think she's seen a lot but can handle just about anything. Stephanie has a way of putting real life experiences into musical stories that people can relate too. Stephanie is an amazingly talented performer. You can see the confidence flow through her as she captivates and interacts with the audience. Stephanie is not just the lead singer she is the star. This is what she is made for, this is what makes her come alive. If I could describe Stephanie Grace in a few words I would say she's a feel good story.